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Tailor-made for your application

You can organise and manage your offline, online and virtually networked locking system efficiently with the software packages from the blueControl range developed in-house. You can choose the right software package or add-on modules to be installed on a PC or server depending on your requirements. Our comprehensive interfaces allow you to easily connect to third-party systems such as HR systems, front office systems and canteen billing systems, even moving in the direction of building automation if required.

Everything at a glance and under your control

Time profiles for greater flexibility
Our blueControl software starter packages already have a wide range of setting options for tailor-made locking system operation. For example, shift models are also easily implemented, even with time profiles that can be divided on a daily basis.

Grant and change authorisations with ease
The authorisation matrix provides an overview of current locking authorisations in your blueSmart locking system. These can be flexibly changed at any time and are transmitted to locking components in offline and virtually networked locking systems using the programming device or the upload reader. Authorisation changes are immediately effective for online components.

Always up-to-date
Extensive evaluation options provide transparency about all processes in your blueSmart locking system at any time. We place great importance on database consistency, audit security and data protection at all times.

Control + data protection
If transaction data in the locking system is to be recorded, it can be automatically deleted at any time according to age. This means that requirements from your company or service agreements for the use of an electronic locking system can be implemented in a highly practical and EU GDPR-compliant manner. We also provide you with sample templates for such works or service agreements as a matter of course.

Wireless system
The BXP BS programming device can be integrated not only via USB or Ethernet, but also via WLAN as an alternative. This makes transporting commands and transactions to locking components even easier and often reduces distances.

The blueSmart app

A convenient solution, even when you’re out and about: The blueSmart app allows users to take advantage of the convenience they’re used to from a virtual network at external locations – without an upload reader! Even remote programming of remote door components is possible.

BXP BS programming device

The combination of the BXP BS programming device and a software package from the blueControl series enables simple and efficient management of online, offline and virtually networked locking systems. The BXP BS with intuitive touchscreen, Ethernet and USB port for connection to the management software and WLAN module offers maximum flexibility for programming the locking system. When programming door components, it works as a stand-alone solution without a PC and is equipped with a powerful battery.

blueSmart software modules meet any requirement.

Entry-level locking convenience
blueControl Start:

The software allows you to manage small offline locking systems. With blueControl Start (BCS), you have a comprehensive package of basic functions that guarantees simple management of your locking system.

Available as end user and dealer variant 

Installation on PC

The software is delivered complete with programming device BXP BS

In dealer version, management of up to five systems

Upgrade to blueControl Professional possible

Management of max. 300 keys and max. 100 door components per system

Online convenience at an offline price
blueControl Start Virtual

With blueControl Start Virtual (BCS-V), small to medium-sized companies virtually network their blueSmart locking system using upload readers. Unlike blueControl Start (BCS), this package can be used to manage upload readers and ITM door managers.

Server/client installation

The software is delivered complete with programming device BXP BS 61*

Upgrade to blueControl Professional possible

Less walking thanks to virtual networking

Timely, automatically transported battery warning messages

Can be expanded to max. 700 keys, max. 350 door components, max. six upload readers and max. 24 ITM door managers

Access control without limits
blueControl Professional

blueControl Professional (BC Pro) is used to conveniently manage and change locking systems with different requirements. In addition to the management of offline and virtually networked components and ITM door managers, it enables integrated management of a Winkhaus online access control system. It is used in medium and large companies and public buildings.

Server/client installation

Optional remote authorisation and programming via app

Intelligent battery management

Single sign-on

Software modules available for a wide range of applications

Interfaces for connection to other systems possible

Covers max. 1,000 keys per system and can be expanded 
to max. 196,000 keys or door components

blueSmart software at a glance

Winkhaus locking systems and the associated software packages of the blueControl series BCS, BCS-V and BC Pro guarantee tailored implementation of your individual requirements in the interests of efficient operating processes. These go hand-in-hand with comfort, a user-friendly approach, security and long-term cost savings.

Start  Start-Virtual Professional 
Input assistant
Management of cylinder time profiles
Different languages available
Logging of events in the cylinder (2,000 items)
Locking plan administration via the virtual network
Transport of the locking events via the virtual network
Feedback of the battery service life via virtual network
Management of over 100 blueSmart components
Management of over 300 users
Server/client version (BCS-V: max. one client)
Management of up to six upload readers and up to 24 ITM door managers
Management of up to six upload readers and up to 24 ITM door managers
Transfer office function changes via key command
More than one ID per employee
Use of the viral disable command
Software Module “Remote control of programming device via TCP/IP”
Visitor management software module
Customer control software module
4- or 6-eye login software module
Building control system interface software module
Remote programming/remote authorisation software module
Hotel software module
“TCP/IP interface for data and message transfer” software module
Data import/export software module
Universal transfer interface software module
Wide range of other software modules

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*) BXP BS 61: Allows programming of electronic knob cylinders type 61/15, 62 and 65.