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Reliable access control with blueSmart from Winkhaus

Buildings in the city of Salzburg

Salzburg is always worth a visit and security in the city of Salzburg is based on the latest technology from Winkhaus. In the picturesque old town, which invites visitors to stroll around, and in historic buildings like the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mirabell Palace – the headquarters of the state government – the city relies on the blueSmart electronic access control system from Winkhaus. Over 1,000 electronic door cylinders and intelligent system components guarantee controlled access.

There are several reasons why the city of Salzburg chose blueSmart. The compact door cylinders blend discreetly into historic doors and also offer maximum flexibility and reliability. The long-standing cooperation with Winkhaus and the reliable service of the technicians from Grödig gained the trust of decision-makers and led to a gradual extension and integration of new functions.

Mirabell Palace, one of the city’s most famous attractions and the headquarters of a modern administration, has been equipped with the blueChip electronic locking system from Winkhaus since 2006. Today, the successor generation blueSmart is in use, which is also compatible with existing security systems.

Stadt Salzburg Schloss Maribell

The flush-mounted blueSmart door cylinders do not affect the historical appearance of the doors in the Mirabell Palace and require no cabling, as they are battery-operated. The batteries last up to ten years, so maintenance is minimal. The easy handling of the electronic keys facilitates access to the over 400 doors in the palace, which are used by employees, political representatives, external organisations and the church.

The flexible locking system from Winkhaus supports administration with a variable colour concept that enables keys to be assigned to different user groups. The administration software runs on a central server and enables simple administration tasks such as withdrawing authorisations in the event of key loss or updating locking authorisations. Winkhaus offers fast and competent support for software updates and maintenance.

blueSmart also enables administrative relocations to be handled without any problems. This ensures that Salzburg remains worth a visit, not only for tourists, but also for those who work for the city’s well-being.

Holztür mit blueSmart Zylinder

Winkhaus Zutrittsorganisation Icon Zylinder blau

850 locking cylinders

Zutrittsorganisation Icon Aufbuchleser blau

15 upload readers

Winkhaus Zutrittsorganisation blueSmart Schlüssel blau

900 keys

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