Reliable quality

In terms of access control in companies, the requirements regarding resilience and reliability of the components used are one of the top priorities. In order to fulfil these high demands, we develop and produce our products with maximum precision and advanced technology at our plant in Münster.

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Clever and convenient

blueSmart is thought-out down to the tiniest detail and cleverly combines aesthetics and function in a single system. In familiar key shape, it gives you an easy way to live more safely. The passive user keys make an attractive impression with a decorative clip in an elegant metal look, which can be optionally equipped with an additional transponder, or in five different colours over the entire surface.

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Active and passive in a single system?
Yes, it works!

Key | Passive

Zutrittsorganisation blueSmart Premiumschlüssel

The passive user keys do not require a power supply of their own. They draw their energy and the necessary information exclusively from the transmitter/receiver unit

Key | Active

Zutrittsorganisation blueSmart Aktivschlüssel

The active keys have a battery and their own electronics with Bluetooth module. They are the prerequisite for operating battery-free electronic cylinders or for remote authorisation and remote programming in conjunction with the blueSmart app.

blueSmart cylinders

The cylinders dependably secure the doors to your building. With an integrated time function, you can save the last 2,000 locking events with date and time on request and automatically transfer them back to the blueControl management software database when using the Winkhaus virtual network. The flush-mounted electronic cylinders take the standard locking operation into the world of electronic access control. Electronic cylinders can be operated with and without batteries*, or even in mixed operation within one locking system if desired. Locking cylinders** can be supplied with VdS BZ+, SKG*** or explosion protection approvals on request.


blueSmart identification media

This battery-less user keys contain an intelligent chip inside a dust- and water-tight plastic housing. A powerful integrated chip stores both programmed information and data which it has uploaded from door components. If required, keys can be equipped with additional transponders, for your existing time recording system or online access control systems, for example. And we can also supply cards, key fob tags and bracelets.


blueSmart update reader

The upload reader is connected online to the blueControl software. It accepts commands and supplies the ID media with the current locking authorisations. The virtual networking of blueSmart also works with the automatic expiry of an access authorisation. Lost keys can thus be efficiently disabled, as each key must be regularly presented at the upload reader. A door function, such as activation of a turnstile, motorised lock or a door latch, can also be triggered. The upload reader receives command acknowledgements, locking events and status messages from the identification media and passes them back to blueControl via the online connection.


Dual security

The Touch Terminal creates an effective additional level of protection wherever blueSmart is to control access more tightly. This is because it offers a second enquiry device. In security areas, the so-called “intellectual lock” is required by means of a personal code. With the Touch Terminal, users of a blueSmart key can only gain access by entering an additional code. Uploading processes in the virtual network or arming of a burglary alarm system can also be secured with 2-factor authentication. Even a duress code can be configured to trigger a silent alarm in an emergency.

blueSmart readers

The offline and online readers as well as ITM door managers for indoor and outdoor use can be supplied in a wide range of commercially available switch ranges ex works. An OEM module also allows integration into less common models.
If required, the locking events can be saved and automatically logged back into the database of the blueControl management software when the Winkhaus virtual network is used.

Elektronische Zutrittsorganisation blueSmart Wandleser

blueSmart ETB-IM door handle

The electronic door fitting in timeless design with plastic or metal cover can be easily mounted on interior doors with mortise locks with standard DIN holes. It can be combined with mechanical or electronic locking cylinders; the door handle also functions reliably with self-locking automatic locks. Different permanent release modes (e.g. office function) can be set. Door fittings for metal frame doors or external doors are also available.

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Furniture locks

Furniture locks can be integrated into the blueSmart locking system. They are available in two different versions, with fixed bolt (M41) and spring-loaded bolt (M42). Defined authorisations can be issued by way of the management software as usual. With the M41, the "free cabinet selection" function is possible.


Active and passive cylinders

Cylinders | Active

Active cylinders have an integrated or external power supply. They can be locked with both passive and active electronic keys.

Cylinders | Passive

Passive cylinders do not require a power supply of their own. They obtain their energy and the required information from the blueSmart Active key. Certain active cylinders can be reprogrammed into passive cylinders by means of the software.

Each type fits into the system

Our blueSmart cylinder types are available in different versions. From cylinders for standard interior doors to highly frequented exterior doors, lift switches and escape door terminals to padlocks, the right cylinder is available for every installation situation. Expandable, integratable and adapted precisely for your needs.

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Energy efficient and reliable

Apart from the optional Active Key, the maintenance-free identification media are battery-free. Powerful lithium batteries are located in the cylinder, which will last for several years depending on type and can then be easily changed. When using the virtual network, the cylinder transmits information for battery management, such as battery warning messages, back to the blueControl management software to ensure operation at all times. Alternatively, electronic cylinders can also be operated without a battery****.


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*) Necessary for cylinders without battery: active keys

**) Additional equipment cannot be supplied for all cylinder types

***) Drilling and pulling protection according to SKG***, external side A with corresponding face mark on the cylinder. Optional equipment, available for a wide range of cylinder types