Zutrittsorgansiation blueSmart Referenz Deutsche Schule Madrid außen

The high school of locking technology in practice

The German School, Madrid

Nursery, primary school and secondary school – all this is located in the spectacular new building in the new Montecarmelo residential district. The ambitious architecture of Berlin-based planner Grüntuch Ernst offers optimal learning conditions for around 1,600 children: open and protected, inspiring and structured all in one. In addition to an underground thermal labyrinth for cooling, the modern technical equipment also includes an electronic blueSmart locking system from Winkhaus.

Zutrittsorgansiation blueSmart Referenz Deutsche Schule Madrid außen

Along with the electronic blueSmart cylinders, upload readers (access points) are also mounted on the external entrances. These are located at the main entrance, the underground car park and on the entrances to the nursery, primary school, secondary school and hall with canteen. All these components together form a virtual network for securing the external shell and internal areas too.

With the Winkhaus software blueControl Professional, the complete system is controlled centrally on a computer in the server room. The blueSmart locking system, planned and installed by the German security specialist Hans-Jürgen Neudert and the interior fittings company Karl Braun, thus supports the freedom of movement of teachers, employees and students. It also provides effective and sustainable protection from unauthorised access, which increases the security of the school complex.

Zutrittsorgansiation blueSmart Referenz Deutsche Schule Madrid Frau und Aufbuchleser

Exceptional convenience in installation, administration and use for the Madrid German School:

Winkhaus Zutrittsorganisation Icon Zylinder blau

650 locking cylinders 

Zutrittsorganisation Icon Aufbuchleser blau

6 upload readers 

Winkhaus Zutrittsorganisation blueSmart Schlüssel blau

approx. 300 keys 

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