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Buildings of the municipal utility company, Weilheim

Drinking water, wastewater and depot – the tasks at the municipal utility company in Weilheim, Upper Bavaria, are varied. And the buildings and plants belonging to the company are just as varied. Electronic locking technology makes managing these facilities easier. blueSmart offers increased security and flexibility for the municipal utility company.

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135 locking cylinders 

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1 Access Point 

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54 keys 

The company tested the system prior to final installation over a period of one and a half years. The municipal depot, which also includes electric charging points, and the festival site with several transformer stations were the first areas where blueSmart was used. Based on the positive experience here, the municipal company expanded the locking system. blueSmart is now also securing critical areas, such as drinking water supply and the wastewater system for the city. Individual locking authorisations can be assigned or revoked quickly and flexibly. It is also easy to see which key operated which cylinder and when.

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People from outside the company can also be given an electronic key, which grants them access to specific areas. This means that showmen at the festival site can use the facilities for their power supply for a specific period of time.

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"The Winkhaus system works reliably in hot and cold conditions", reports Karl Neuner, Technical Manager at the municipal utility company," and if we have to provide an emergency service in the event of a power failure, blueSmart helps us with active keys that transfer the power for the locking process inductively." The high reliability even under challenging conditions was one of the reasons why the experts at Minos Sicherheitstechnik recommended blueSmart. "There are many electronic cylinders on the market", reports Minos Managing Director Bernhard Ditsch," but most brands are not suitable for applications with such high demands."

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blueSmart provides greater security and flexibility both indoors and outdoors:

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