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Stress-free living with intelligent locking technology

Mineroom student residence, Leoben (Styria, Austria)

A lively coming and going prevails in the new Mineroom student dormitory in Leoben. The blueSmart electronic access management from Winkhaus easily meets this challenge. Thanks to virtual networking, the system reacts extremely quickly and thus efficiently reduces the risk associated with losing a key.

Stefanie Sorgmann, head of the student residence, values the high level of flexibility and easy handling of the blueSmart access management from Winkhaus.

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OeAD-Wohnraumverwaltungs-GmbH Leoben manages the building with 139 residential units. The successful architecture of the passive building, partially built in wood construction, was designed by AAP.Architekten in Vienna. The around 200 residents are mainly students, some of whom have travelled from far and wide, from China, Mexico or Australia, for example. It also provides an attractive place to stay for visiting scientists. The fluctuation is correspondingly high. The risk of losing keys is also not so low. "We were looking for a system that can meet these high demands", explains Stefanie Sorgmann, who runs the residential complex. The perfect technology was found in the form of the blueSmart electronic access management from Winkhaus.

The electronic blueSmart cylinders can be operated in a similar way to conventional mechanical reversible key systems. The handling is easy, even for people with poor eyesight, as the easy-grip key inserts easily and comfortably into the large cylinder opening.

With the blueSmart system, all areas in the building, such as residential units, sport, teaching and leisure spaces, administration and technology areas, can be reliably secured and managed. Just one electronic key on the keyring opens all doors – even the letterbox. The locking system does not need to be replaced if a key is lost, because the key can be disabled easily on the PC using the Winkhaus management program.

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540 locking cylinders 

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400 keys 

blueSmart helps with the frequent changes of tenants and lost keys without problems:

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