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HDI Arena, Hanover

HDI Arena is actually a dedicated football stadium. During the summer break, however, the home of Hanover 96 is also used for open air concerts. For security reasons, numerous locking cylinders had to be replaced ahead of time for these events. Now that blueSmart electronic access management from Winkhaus secures the complex, the expenditure is a thing of the past.

The stadium accommodates crowds of nearly 50,000. 29 VIP boxes and over 1,200 business seats round off the attractive range on offer. The arena also regularly presents prominent audience favourites during the season. Thanks to blueSmart, the necessary change of locking rights – i.e. in the changing rooms – can now take place in only an hour. Previously, one employee was occupied for two days replacing the mechanical door cylinders for each event. Now every person receiving access authorisation is simply given a blueSmart key. Their locking rights automatically expire after the event is finished.

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150 locking cylinders 

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2 upload readers

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Over 190 keys 

The number of lost keys also added up and became an ever greater security problem. So the stadium manager, Hannover 96 Arena GmbH & Co. KG, decided to purchase an electronic locking system. Before the final decision was made, a tender process and a three-month test phase was carried out, during which blueSmart proved its worth admirably. The doors were converted quickly and easily. The high-performance technology also works without knobs, which are often the target of vandalism and can also be used as a climbing aid. The customer was also impressed with the many advantages of virtual networking.

blueSmart helps out at a wide range of events at HDI Arena:

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