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Locking technology for generations: Feel secure in familiar surroundings.

Arnstorf park residential home

The park residential home in the Bavarian town of Arnstorf provides a wide range of housing options. There is also a vocational technical school and a day nursery. All areas are secured via an electronic blueSmart locking system.

The new electronic locking system ensures that the around 250 residents, over 350 employees and external staff have access to everywhere they need to go, while preventing unauthorised access. It replaces an earlier mechanical system that reached a point where it was unable to keep up with the quick development of the site.

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The internal technicians planned and installed the entire new locking system. It wasn't only the various residential, care, supervision and administration buildings, practices and service facilities that had to be taken into account, but also a maternity facility that is part of the foundation, but is managed externally. The school is also integrated in the system.

Before the new locking system was installed, a practice test was carried out: Two residents tested the technology, which was completely new to them, for two months. The system was well received by the senior residents, as it is used like a traditional turn key system thanks to the innovative electronic key. This means that they can continue to lock doors in the usual way. Another advantage of blueSmart is also widely appreciated: The logging function also makes it easy to determine which key last operated a cylinder. This may also help, when necessary, dementia patients and their relatives, as it enables movement profiles to be easily traced.

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524 cylinders 

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2 upload readers 

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500 keys

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8 offline readers

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40 cabinet locks

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Intelligent door handles 

blueSmart enables easy tracking of locking events:

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